About Us

If you are here, you want to know a little about me so here it is:  I am a husband and father of six awesome children. My passion for woodworking began in high school when I took my first woodshop class. Throughout my high school years, I made several pieces of furniture including a desk and a couple of tables. 

Shortly after high school, I met my wife and we began to grow our family.  Woodworking took a back seat but I continued to make simply projects around the house.  In 2012, I received a table saw as a gift. Shortly after I received a router and a couple of hand tools.  I asked myself what I was going to make with these tools?  I thought back to my first shop project, which was a three legged pedestal table.  I knew this was to be my first “comeback” project.  I began to search Youtube for lathe alternatives as I didn’t own a lathe.  It took a little searching but, I found a video that showed me how to get it done.  After making the table, I was hooked on woodworking more than ever.  I was amazed at the large amount of woodworking videos on Youtube.  I continued to grow as a woodworker and watch Youtube woodworking videos. I soon realized there was an entire community that shared the same passion as I did.

I wanted to give back as well as be a part of the woodworking community and began to upload Youtube videos.  Being a Youtube content creator has been an amazing journey.  I have made many friends, more than I can count, but you know who you are.  I am proud to be able to say I play a small part in this awesome community.